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An Exhibition at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, East Sussex UK, November 2011-February 2012.
Photography for Jo McAllister, Jennifer Kidd, Maxime Wareham, Amy Madge, Wendy-Sarah Pacey.

Graphics by Playne Design



A short film by Alexander Brattell showing jewellers' processes.

Made to accompany the exhibition Rooms for ideas. Contemporary jewellery by The Line Up.
Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, East Sussex, UK.
November 2011 to February 2012.

Susanne Freytag, Jennifer Kidd, Jo McAllister, Amy Madge, Wendy-Sarah Pacey, Paula Thittichai, Julie Tucker-Williams, Maxime Wareham.


A full colour catalogue for this exhibition with an essay by Simone ten Hompel is available from Zetetic Press.


Designed by Playne Design. Photography by Paddy Boyle, Alexander Brattell, Andrew Catlin, Claire Richardson.
Zetetic Press 2011. pb 200x230mm 48pp. ISBN: 978-0-9569773-1-1.