The Zetetic Website - photographs by Alexander Brattell


Janice Long, BBC Merseyside 1982

Janice invited Breakout onto her weekly show. We were a monthly music and arts magazine, it was my first regular photography gig. Breakout was started by Neil Tilley, courtesy of the photocopier at his office job. Phil Battle did the graphics and musician Paul Robinson was staff writer. Then it got bigger and was printed by the Ananda Marga in the basement of their wholefood bakery. We collated the pages ourselves to save money. Once, we missed a deadline because they were all meditating and we just had to wait. Our typesetters were above and also part of the News From Nowhere bookshop. There was a spot of tension when they refused to typeset an article they thought was too sexist. Our office was the cafe of the Open Eye photography gallery. When John Peel came to Liverpool we were on his show and it felt like the scene we were a part of was a real force. We also organised events in a wine bar in Matthew St and gave a young poet called Craig Charles his first gig. Janice, who obviously really loved the music, was quietly professional, showed up at a lot of gigs, never badmouthed anyone, was always friendly and supportive.

This page will, when I eventually get around to it, become a 'Breakout' gallery of music pictures and magazine layouts from the early 80's.

(See Phil Battle's facebook Breakout page).