exhibited in
Conversations…From the Edge

St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings. 20 September – 4 October 2009

A collaboration between SoCo, (South Coast Artists) & Phg, (Photo Hub Group)
"exploring shifting layers of time, space & cultural change between East Hill & Glyne Gap".

Part of Coastal Currents 2009

Phg: Michael Arnold Alex Brattell Mel Brewer Louise Kenward Fiona Mersh Mary Morris Lesley Parkinson Claire Richardson Karen Rooney Steve Rutter. SoCo: Neville Austen Patrick Burton Nicky Clarke Lesley Cornish David Fowler Jill Hartman Gill Knight Rachel Lever Jen Painter Carly Ralph David Reeve Brian Rybolt Charlotte Snook Megan Williams Jean Davey Winter.


East Hill to Glyne Gap, 27 August 2009

  • The edge is always with us as a glamour which may be seen but not touched.
  • Contact is traditionally made by means of symbol and ritual.
  • Here, the symbol is a line in space. The ritual is a physical transition, a walk from East to West.
  • The date was chosen for the half moon, a point of balance between the visible and the invisible.
  • Photography was the means of recording. Representation was determined by the digital capture workflow (sRGB). Focal length was not fixed.
  • Images were made to a formula of 2 fields joined (or separated) by a line symbolising Edge.
  • Each image is 6” by 2”; half the traditional ‘snapshot’ enprint, the visible half of the work.
  • All considerations of physical subject matter, colour and texture were left to ‘chance’, as in the practice of scrying or divination.
  • 120 images were compiled into a hanging banner intended as a readout that could be seen in a similar way to a seismograph, an electrocardiograph or a telex tape; an arcane diagram open to technical, aesthetic or instinctive interpretation.