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Photographs 2009-10

11"x14" silver gelatin prints

Tulpa; formations generated by a powerful concentration of thought.


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“Visualising mental formations, either voluntarily or not, is a most mysterious process.” Kushog Wanchen.


“There is nothing strange in the fact that I may have created my own hallucination. The interesting point is that in these cases of materialization, others see the thought-forms that have been created.”

Alexandra David-Neel. 'With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet’, 1931.




South Kensington, March 2009



Rye, May 2010



Santa Monica, August 2010



Norman Rd, December 2009



Queens Rd, April 2010



Lake Avenue, August 2010



Victoria Park, March 2010



Old Ford Rd, March 2010



St. Leonards On Sea, June 2010



Gensing Rd, July 2010



Gensing Gardens, January 2010



Tulpa. Photographs 2009-10; page one

Tulpa. Photographs 2009-10; page two

Tulpa. Photographs 2009-10; page three