SKIN TWO. ISSUE 26. Summer 1998.


Photography: Alexander Brattell
Art direction, digital imaging: Steven Cook
Narrative: Grant Morrison
Production, styling: Lisa Sherman

Models: Valeria Dragova, Tatiana Von Donner
Makeup: Shelley Manser-Cossey
Jewellery: William Griffiths
Silver dress:Incubus
Catsuit: Daxine
Orchid shoes: Leigh Morrison
Pewter gauntlets: Skin Two

As featured in the book "Fetish: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography" by Tony Mitchell (Carlton Books, 1999).

The phone rings five times.
A synthesized Hawking-voice, monotonous,
triggers the implant.
"You will be working for the Other Side now."
The meadow is filled with day-glo latex and rubber flowers. They buzz in the hot, oily rain. A light-sensitive, polaroid filter catsuit turns transparent. Rain falls like thick dripping jelly.
"You are not even a number."
"In the peepshow booth, the shutter slides up.
A red electronic eye is watching.
You enjoy being watched as you begin to strip away your identity."
The telephone rings four times. A synthesized Hawking-voice, monotonous, triggers the implant.
"These machines are not designed to hurt you.
Do you love yourself ?
Do you have sexual dreams ?"
Crawling micro-organisms spread like ink into every aroused pore, from skin to bloodstream to brain, like a fever.
The phone rings three times, triggering the implant.
"The heart of the Professor is invisible and can only be detected by its effect on other hearts. Time stops at its edge. The gravity in the heart of the Professor is so great that not even light itself can escape."